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Adriano Celentano (1938- )

Adriano Celentano (born January 6, 1938) is an Italian singer, songwriter, comedian, actor, film director and TV host.

from Franco Tedaldi, IVU coordinator for Italy:

You can find this letter of Adriano Celentano to the minister Mrs. Livia Turco, “thoughts by a vegetarian”, dating end of 2006, published on Peacelink - in Italian.

Adriano Celentano is vegetarian since 2005, as he defends animal rights (with few exceptions, he says: mosquitoes, for example, are never mentioned in the Cantico dei Cantici by San Francis of Assisi).

The advantages that vegetarianism offers, he says, are

  • your health
  • a strike to the industry of the holocaust of sentient beings
  • the chance to say “it’s not for me that lambs and kids are slaughtered at Christmas and Easter”.



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