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WVA's Vegetarian Guide to Winnipeg

Fully Vegetarian Restaurants & Deli's
Affinity Vegetarian Garden
100 - 208 Edmonton Street 
Chinese cuisine. Huge menu. Open Monday to Friday for lunch, including outstanding pay-by-weight luncheon buffet, and Monday to Saturday for supper. Closed Sunday. 10% off all orders for WVA members.
Boon Burger Cafe
79 Sherbrook St. 
141 Bannatyne Ave.

Canada's first all-vegan burger cafe. Many varieties of burgers, homemade sesame fries, salads, soup. Also fresh fruit smoothies, vegan milkshakes and more! Open Daily.
Delicious Vegetarian Restaurant
1467 Pembina Highway 
All vegan Chinese restaurant. Specialties include Vegetarian Eight Treasures, Eggplant and Black Bean Sauce, Vegetarian Beef and Ginger, Sweet and Sour Gluten Balls, Singapore Style Rice Noodles, and many more. Open Monday to Friday for lunch, open every day for supper. 15% off all dine-in orders (excluding beverages) for WVA members (cash only).
Mondragon Bookstore and Coffeehouse
91 Albert Street 
All vegan, mostly local, organic and fair-trade licensed coffeehouse, restaurant and catering service. Delicious vegan desserts also available for take-out from this socially responsible co-op. Several gluten-free entrees - and gluten-free substitutions available on request. Fresh-squeezed organic juices. Includes a small grocery and politically progressive bookstore with a good selection of veg/food-politics and animal rights books and magazines. 10% off all dine-in orders (excluding alcoholic beverages) for WVA members.
Organic Planet Worker 
877 Westminster Ave. 
The vegan deli in this worker-owned and operated co-op foodstore serves sandwiches, salads, desserts and daily specials.
Punjab Sweet House & Restaurant
86 Mandalay Drive 
This small East Indian restaurant features an approximately 50/50 vegan/lacto-vegetarian menu and a front counter replete with Indian sweets. Lunch & dinner buffet (partially vegan). 

Vegetarian-Friendly Restaurants

Bread and Circuses
238 Lilac St. (off Corydon)
Trendy bakery, deli and licensed café cooks and bakes from scratch with Winnipeg Humane Society Certified and Manitoba Certified Organic ingredients. Ample vegetarian and vegan choices. 
83-D Sherbrook St. 
Mostly East Indian cuisine, with several vegetarian/vegan entrees. Very vegan- and vegetarian-friendly all-you-can-eat Indian buffet, lunch and supper. 
Cousin's Deli & Bar
55 Sherbrook at Wolseley 
Mostly vegetarian menu, including knishes, samosas, roti, Jamaican patties, veggie and vegan burgers and cheesecake.
Falafel Place
1101 Corydon Ave.
Casual, deli ambience, Israeli mideastern restaurant with large variety of vegetarian and vegan items clearly marked on the menu.
La Fiesta Cafesito & Bakery
Unit M-730, Southglen Shopping Centre, St. Anne's Rd.
Salvadoran restaurant offers several vegan and vegetarian entrees.
303-99 Osborne Street
Fusion cuisine. Lots of lacto-vegetarian fare, some vegan.
Kokeb Restaurant
Reopening soon on Edmonton St.!
(prev 330 Ellice Avenue) 

Ethiopian cuisine. Menu includes an ample vegan section. All vegan lunch buffet, weekdays.
Little Saigon Restaurant
333 William Avenue 
947-3999 or 947-3888
Vietnamese cuisine with an all vegetarian side menu. 
Magic Thailand Restaurant
842 Logan Ave.
Thai cuisine, several vegetarian items on menu.
121 Osborne St.
Ethiopian cuisine. Good selection of vegan entrees.
Sawatdee Thai Restaurant
555 Osborne Street
Thai cuisine. Several vegetarian entrees and many non-vegetarian entrees can be made vegetarian by replacing meat with tofu. 
Soup Pierre
240 Portage Avenue
Largely vegetarian, featuring soups, chili, breads, wraps and sandwiches. Some vegan items.
Soups Sandwiches & More
428 Graham Ave.
Downtown deli includes vegetarian and vegan soups, sandwiches and wraps.
Spring Roll Restaurant
1142 Notre Dame Ave.
Ask for the vegetarian menu ("no animal products, no MSG") at this popular Chinese restaurant. The variety compares to any fully vegetarian restaurant. Open weekdays for lunch; Tuesday through Sunday for supper. 
Star Grill
2069 Portage Avenue 
Several vegetarian entrees, some can be made vegan. Unique "metaphysical" ambience! 
Stella's Cafe & Bakery
166 Osborne Street, 453-8562
Kenaston Village Mall, 1895 Grant Ave., 488-7810
116 Sherbrook Ave.
460 Portage at Memorial Blvd.
Several vegetarian entrees including vegetarian lasagna, chili, sandwiches and burgers.
Sukhothai Restaurant
191 Osborne St.
This Thai restaurant offers a vegetarian/vegan version of most entrees.
Taste of India
9 - 510 Sargent Avenue 
Indian cuisine offering many vegetarian entrees.
Underground Cafe
70 Arthur Street 
Vegetarian-friendly Exchange-district cafe.

Vegetarian and Vegetarian-friendly Foodstores and Sellers

Caulfield's Organic Market
885 Westminster Ave. 786-3289 or 772-1404
Organic, fair trade foodstore features large selection of vegan and vegetarian products.

Eat Organic Market
603 Wall St. 772-2136
Certified organic online and brick & mortar foodstore. Specializes in products from local businesses and farmers as well as organic growers from BC.
Fresh Option Organic Delivery (FOOD)
772-1479; Fax: 478-0571 
A unique 100% vegetarian home delivery service. Emphasis on local or Canadian organic vegan produce and packaged goods as well as fairly traded imports.
Organic Planet Worker Co-op
877 Westminster Ave. 
This worker-owned and operated co-op foodstore and deli offers an almost entirely organic selection of fresh produce, groceries, bulk foods, and herbs.
Organza Market
230 Osborne St. at Donald 
Mostly vegetarian and organic food supermarket. Large selection of packaged and bulk foods, as well as fresh produce.
Scoop & Save Bulk Foods
3133 Portage Avenue
Wide variety of bulk and packaged vegetarian foods, some organic.  
Tall Grass Prairie Bread Company & Deli
859 Westminster Street 
120-1 Forks Market 
Terrific variety of organic breads and baked goods. Vegan birthday cakes available to order. 
Vic's Fruit Market
A-1038 Pembina Highway
Wide variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, as well as packaged vegetarian foods.
Vita Health Natural Food Stores
  • 166 Osborne Ave. - 984-9551
  • 46 - 11 Reenders (Transcona) - 984-9553
  • 19 - 845 Dakota St. - 984-9554
  • 2211 McPhillips St. - 984-9555
  • 2025 Corydon (Tuxedo Park Shop Ctr) - 984-9552 
Major healthfood store chain includes wide selection of organic fresh and frozen produce, bulk vegetarian foods (grains, beans, etc.), and groceries.

Other Foodstores Offering Vegetarian and/or Organic Products

Aviva Natural Health Solutions
1224 St. James St.
This eclectic online and brick-and-mortar general health store offers some locally hard-to-get vegetarian and vegan supplements as well as various veg', organic and fair trade foods and other natural health products. NOTE: Read the ingredients; not all products are veg'.
Safeway, Superstore, Sobeys and other big chains A growing selection of frozen and packaged vegetarian and vegan alternatives (mock meats etc.) and organic produce at most stores.

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