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13th International Vegan Festival
4 - 12 June, 2011
"A whole world to share"

Elimar Hotel - Rincón de la Victoria, Málaga (Spain)

The venue for the 13th International Vegan Festival is the 3* Elimar Hotel, right at the seafront in Rincón de la Victoria (Málaga), Spain, just 13 km from Málaga, with a regular bus service, to and from the main train and bus station, stopping at the hotel. The Elimar Hotel was the venue for the First Vegetarian/Vegan Gathering of Andalusia in 2006, and I have chosen it to celebrate the vegan lifestyle and the principles of veganism, that represent a bulwark of solidarity against an irrational food model based on animal exploitation.

The 13th International Vegan Festival will be held from the first weekend in June 2011, starting with the arrival and registration of participants on Saturday the 4th of June, until the departure on Sunday morning on the 12th of June (a total stay of 8 nights at the hotel). However, those unable to attend the whole Festival, may book the days they wish between the 4th and the 12th of June, and / or including an early arrival and late departure, before or after the Festival, to extend their holiday and enjoy a few extra days by the sea.

The hotel stay includes full board (breakfast, lunch and dinner), with a varied vegan menu (without animal products). The Festival motto is "A Whole World to Share", and the programme will address all matters relating to vegan nutrition, its benefits and positive social and environmental impact, including the ethical, ecological, educational and scientific aspects of veganism, in stark contrast to the cruel unsustainable model of animal food production and the health and environmental problems derived from the consumption and exploitation of animals.

Elimar Hotel, 3*Elimar Hotel, 3*

For reservations until the end of December 2010, for an 8 night stay at the hotel with full board from Saturday 4th until departure on Sunday 12th June 2011, the total cost per person in a double room - including registration, a gala dinner and a local tour to the Treasure Cave/"Cueva del Tesoro" located in Rincón de la Victoria - is 480 Euros, a triple room 450 Euros, and a single room 550 Euros. For shorter or longer bookings or earlier arrivals and/or later departures, before the 4th and after the 12th of June, please let me know your arrival and departure dates to calculate the cost for the whole length of your stay. Please send your details to:   aveivu.org
Children younger than 12, accompanied by two adults, stay free, and a second child or one accompanied by one adult, pay only 50%.

For reservations from January first till the 15th of March, you need to add 30 Euros, and another 20 euros from that date until May 31st 2011 (final registration).

If you do not require accommodation at the hotel, you can pay a partial or general registration fee to attend conferences and participate in the festival. You may also reserve and pay separately for festival meals, including the gala dinner on June 11th:   aveivu.org

It is advisable to book early to guarantee your reservation, either sending a partial payment of 50% of your total cost, by splitting your payment if necessary or transferring the whole amount to the Spanish Vegan Society (AVE) account, in order to ensure and better manage your registration, accommodation and meals.

To make your reservation please complete the registration form or send your booking details by email to the Spanish Vegan Society (AVE):   aveivu.org    -    You may also write to AVE´s post office box 478:

Francisco Martín
Apartado Postal 478
29740 Torre del Mar (Málaga)

Payments for the 13th International Vegan Festival should preferably be sent by bank transfer to the Spanish Vegan Society´s account in IberCaja, indicating the IBAN number and BIC/SWIFT identification for international transfers:

IBAN: ES35 2085 8319 5903 3005 8029

Outside the Eurozone it is necessary to make the transfer in Euros, not as currency exchange, to save bank charges.

You can send payments by PayPal as well.

The programme for the 13th International Vegan Festival will address the issues relating to global nutrition and health, including the ethical, environmental, educational and scientific aspects against animal exploitation, to vindicate a more healthy and compassionate vegan food ethic and lifestyle that takes into account the needs and interests of others. The benefits of rational food habits will also be highlighted as well as the dangers of the present food model, which is ethically, ecologically and socially unsustainable.

Festival excursions and tours

During the Festival a planned visit to the Treasure Cave or "Cueva del Tesoro" in Rincón de la Victoria, is well worth a visit, as it is one of only three caves of submarine origin known in the world, and the only sea cave of such characteristics that may be visited on the European continent, and you are invited to book and join this interesting local excursion when you register, without added cost.

Other possible optional affordable trips of interest to Spanish and international participants arriving before or leaving after the Festival, are: The Caves of Nerja or "Cuevas de Nerja" - a series of caverns stretching for almost 5 km, and one of Spain´s major tourist attractions, plus a local visit to Málaga, as well as other regional trips to the city of Córdoba, the old capital of the Moorish kingdom of El-Andalus; to Granada, the last muslim city in Spain until 1492 (one of the most valued tourist destinations), and Seville, the fourth largest Spanish city, located on the plain of the Guadalquivir river, navigable all the way to Sanlúcar de Barrameda and Doñana National Park, on the Atlantic coast, with a great diversity of biotopes – beaches, swamps, lagoons, fixed and moving dunes, pine and cork oak woodland and heath. This Park is Europe´s largest sanctuary for migrating birds.

Treasure CaveSevilla

Alhambra, GranadaAlhambra, Granada

Please let me know if you would want to register for any of these excursions and whether you have a preference for a pre or post festival tour, in order to organise a possible visit to any of these historical destinations or to Doñana´s National Park, if there is enough interest among festival participants.

All the relevant information about the festival will be regularly updated on www.ivu.org/veganfest/2011, but I will be pleased to answer any questions or settle any doubts you may have. I thank you for your support and look forward to your participation in the 13th International Vegan Festival in June 2011.

Friendly greetings,

Francisco Martín
President of Spanish Vegan Society (AVE)


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