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Your recipe can make a difference!

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We are proud to introduce you to the newly established Vegan Food Academy, a vegan cooking school that aims to bring together recipes from all over the world, providing a platform to showcase and celebrate unique food cultures, ingredients, preparation techniques, spices, flavors, and colors.

IVU was a pioneer in publishing vegan recipes on the Internet. We have successfully accumulated thousands of recipes over the past few decades, creating an invaluable encyclopedia of timeless recipes, submitted to us from beloved members around the world. It's precisely because we pioneered this way of publishing vegan recipes, that its presentation methods have now become obsolete. Today's generations are accustomed to images and videography providing a certain element of convenience. Hence the requirement for a complete update.

IVU was established over a century ago in 1908 and since then it has functioned on a volunteer basis, a great challenge at times but one that has been overcome throughout its existence. IVU’s consistent success has always been down to the diligent volunteers who have been contributing from all corners of the world.

Share your recipe!

Two ways of collaborating

We believe in a two-way street, not only will you be accredited as the author of the recipes you submit but we will share information and relevant links to your social media handles in our author’s index. This way we will establish a community of mutual assistance, something that is in the core of our philosophy.

We ask you to send us at least one recipe, which would include one (or more) high-resolution photo (at least 400 pixels) of the completed meal. A complete video tutorial alongside the image and recipe would be ideal however not necessary.

A second line of action would be to choose a recipe among the approximately 3000 from our Recipes Around the World folder, recreate the recipe and take a photo of the finished product. If possible, make a video of the preparation and that will then be published in the VFA.

Please submit the following items for ALL recipes:

  • Title
  • Description (1 paragraph)
  • Preparation time
  • Cooking time (when necessary)
  • List of ingredients
  • Method (step by step)
  • Difficulty (easy, medium, tricky) pick one of these 3
  • The name of the author, link to webpage, Instagram or Facebook.

Optional Items:

  • Bottom Note (anything else you may find necessary, some fun fact about the recipe, it's your call)
  • Video URL, could be the video to the recipe on YouTube.

Recipe highlighted as doctor and dietitian approved

If you wish to have your recipe highlighted as doctor and dietician approved, you MUST submit a whole food, plant-based recipe.

For your recipe to be eligible it must:

  1. Have a focus on diverse colours, ensuring at least 3 colours in the final dish. If you struggle to make up for the colours when working with restrictive recipes for g. hummus, you should focus on garnishing the dish with other contrasting colours.
  2. Whenever possible, focus on a higher calcium content, including ingredients such as sesame or chia seeds, leafy green vegetables, herbs and spices and fortified ingredients eg.: fortified plant-based milk.
  3. Clearly note the weight of each ingredient used, so our dieticians can calculate the nutritional values of the recipe.
  4. All the items of the recipes described above should also be send to us.

Below is a table of ingredients and methods to avoid and use
(for whole plant-based recipes only)


  • Sugars of any kind, including brown sugar, coconut sugar, maple or agave syrup

  • Artificial or natural sweeteners of any kind, including stevia and xylitol

  • Refined oils

  • ‘White’ carbs such as, rice, bread, pasta, noodles, flour

  • Artificial seasonings

  • Coconut oil and palm oil- as both are rich in saturated fats

  • Chemical yeast

  • Salt preserved foods

  • Fried food

  • Carbonised foods, blackened burnt foods

  • Browned food as a result of the Maillard reaction


  • ALL fresh fruits and vegetables

  • Dried fruits

  • Whole grains

  • Pulses and beans

  • Nuts and seeds, including their paste forms for e.g., tahini, almond butter etc.

  • All spices

  • Unrefined vegetable oils for e.g., olive, sunflower, linseed, chia oils etc... The oil used should account for a maximum of 30% of the total kcal of the recipe.

    Please note:

    . If using olive oil your oven temp must be <188°C

    . If using soybean oil oven temp must be <240°C

  • Biological yeast

  • Shoyu free of food preservatives, food colouring or glutamate

All the recipes will be posted on the IVU website:, and on IVU’s social media handles.


Thank you very much,

Alex Fernandes

Web Master
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Asa Kaur Narinder

VFA Regional Organizer
Europe and India
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What’App +44 7960 663331

Maria Julia Rosa

VFA Regional Organizer – The Americas, Portugal and Spain
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What’App +55 51 9117-7170

Marly Winckler

IVU Chair
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Mirian Meneses Costa


Shara Ng

VFA Regional Organizer
China and Asia Pacific
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What’App +852 6255 3190

Thao Le

Download the Vegetarian Nutrition Booklet for Kids and Adolescents