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by Thao Le

Are you afraid to visit a restaurant out of concern for food safety and quality? And what are your plans for breakfast today? It is always the first thought that comes to mind when each of us awakens in the morning. Therefore, today, and Food Blogger Duong Yen Nhi (Accnhi) will share a delectable breakfast that is very easy to make.

It is Vegan Pan Bread, a recipe made with common components including veggies, mushrooms, and tofu... The breakfast is very appealing due to its visually appealing appearance and delectable flavor. Each morning, a single breakfast provides sufficient energy for a full day of study and labor.

This meal is not only easy and delicious, but it also saves us time in the morning while remaining nutritious. Let us immediately go to the kitchen to prepare this Vegan Pan Bread recipe!

Total Time
20 mins

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Ingredients for 2 Servings

  • 50
    grams of Gray Oyster Mushrooms
  • 3
    cubes of Tofu (mashed)
  • 3
    cloves of Garlic (minced)
  • 1
  • 1


  • Preparation Time
    10 mins
  • Cooking Time
    10 mins
  • Total Time
    20 mins

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  2. Tofu: Mash the block of tofu right in the bowl, with a potato masher or a fork. You can also crumble it into the pan with your hands. Cook, stirring frequently, for 3-4 minutes until the water from the tofu is mostly gone.
  4. Step 1: Stir-fry the Tofu and Mushroom
  5. In a non-stick pan, heat a little cooking oil and chopped garlic. Add the mashed tofu and gray oyster mushrooms.
  6. Stir-fry on high heat to prevent the mushrooms from going watery, and also gently scorch the tofu. Season with 3 tablespoons of soy sauce, 2 tablespoons of chili sauce, a pinch of salt and pepper. Toss well until the ingredients are absorbed.
  7. Step 2: Finish and serve
  8. Continue to stir rapidly for an additional 2 minutes before transferring to a dish or pan as shown in the image.
  9. Cucumber, tomato, laksa leaves, and coriander are added towards the end and served with toast. Enjoy!


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Vegan Pan Bread is a popular Vietnamese meal that you can make at home by following the steps introduced by and Food Blogger Duong Yen Nhi (Accnhi) in this recipe.

It does not call for complicated or time-consuming ingredients, yet the outcome is just tasty like Mom used to make. Cucumber, tomato, laksa leaves, and coriander are all good additions to this Vegan Pan Bread!

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