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by Thao Le

Vegetarian dishes with ingredients that are mushrooms have long been the favorite choice of many people. The natural sweetness and crunchiness that mushrooms bring enhance the flavor of dishes that use them.

If I need to choose a dish with a full Vietnamese flavor to serve with white rice and have mushrooms as the main ingredient, it will be the vegetarian braised mushrooms. You can also combine a variety of ingredients in this stock.

Today, and Food Blogger Duong Yen Nhi (Accnhi) will introduce to you the recipe for the delicious Vegan Braised Mushroom With Pineapple. The dish is an excellent combination of the sweetness of abalone mushrooms, King oyster mushroom, the sweet and sour taste of pineapple, and rich braised sauce. Come to the kitchen with us to make this delicious dish to treat your family right away.

Total Time
35 mins

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Ingredients for 1 Servings

  • ½
  • 1
    King oyster mushroom
  • 2
    tablespoons Sugar
  • 4
    teaspoons Soy sauce
  • 1
    teaspoon Chili sauce
  • ½
    teaspoon Sugar
  • teaspoon Salt


  • Preparation Time
    15 mins
  • Cooking Time
    20 mins
  • Total Time
    35 mins

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  2. Cut pineapple into thin slices and then marinate with two tablespoons of sugar, mix well.
  3. Cut off the base of King oyster mushrooms and abalone mushrooms, wash with cold water.
  4. Cut King oyster mushrooms into cubes or bite-size pieces and shred the abalone mushrooms.
  6. Step 1: Making braised sauce
  7. In a small bowl, add four teaspoons of soy sauce, one teaspoon of chili sauce, ½ teaspoon of sugar, ⅓ teaspoon of salt, and ground pepper to this bowl. Gently stir the mixture.
  8. Step 2: Adding all of ingredients
  9. Heat vegetable oil in the saucepan with medium heat, add garlic, shallot to it. Stir until both garlic and shallot transfer to yellow color and smell good
  10. Add pineapple, 60 milliliters of water, and the sauce to the saucepan.
  11. Step 3: Finishing
  12. Braise the mixture with low-on heat, constantly stir until the sauce thickens and becomes dry. Turn off the heat, put the saucepan on the pot heating pad
  13. Pinch a little ground pepper on it. And the Vegan Braised Mushrooms With Pineapple is ready to serve.
  14. This dish combines so well with white rice.


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The Vegan Braised Mushrooms With Pineapple is the cooperation between Food Blogger Duong Yen Nhi (Accnhi) and For this dish, you can use whatever mushroom you like instead. We hope you enjoy this vegan recipe and have the inspiration to make more vegan dishes for your family. Don’t forget to let us know your opinion about our recipe in the comments when you make this dish.

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