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Energy balls

by Cléo Martins
Whether at home, at work or on the road, this is the perfect snack to soothe your stomach until dinnertime. Very easy to prepare, allergic persons can use gluten-free oat flakes.
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Total Time
40 min

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Ingredients for APPROXIMATELY 12 units Servings

  • 100 grams
    oat flakes
  • 15 grams
    chia seeds
  • 100 grams
    cubed tomatoes, without the seeds
  • 50 grams
  • Salt
  • Oregano


  • Preparation Time
    25 minutes + dough resting time
  • Cooking Time
  • Total Time
    40 min

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  1. Mix the dry ingredients in a bowl and set aside.
  2. Process the tomatoes with the onion and salt in a mixer and pour over the dry ingredients, mixing well with your hands.
  3. Add the oregano and let the dough rest 15 – 30 minutes.
  4. Shape the balls and bon appetit!


Nutrition facts

One serving (190.51g) contains and:
Energy: 468.53 kcal
Protein: 15.16g
Lipids: 30.26g
Carbohydrates: 42.98g
Dietary fiber: 11.58g
Tryptophan: 0.19mg
Threonine: 0.62mg
Isoleucine: 0.66 mg
Leucine: 1.1 mg
Lysine: 0.81mg
Methionine: 0.25 mg
Cysteine: 0.29 mg
Tyrosine: 0.44 mg
Phenylalanine: 0.76 mg
Valine: 0.77 mg
Histidine: 0.40 mg
Saturated fatty acids: 7.42g
Omega-6: 0mg
Omega-3: 0mg
Calcium: 149.12mg
Iron: 5.12 mg
Zinc: 3.19 mg
Vitamin C: 41.89 mg




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