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Banana Frying Pan Cake

by Alana Rox
Banana Frying Pan Cake is so good and healthy because it´s made with all natural ingredients, it´s low in sugar, and it´s high in healthy fats and fiber. It´s is also vegan and gluten-free, making it accessible for almost everyone. It's a quick and easy recipe that can be made in under 30 minutes, so it's perfect for busy weeknights.
Total Time
30 min

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Ingredients for 2 Servings

  • 1
    Mashed ripe plantain
  • 1/2 cup
    Rice flour
  • 1 tbsp
    Tapioca flour
  • 1 tbsp
    Chia seeds
  • 2 tbsp
    Dark brown sugar
  • 1 tbsp
    olive oil
  • 1 tsp
    spices (I used pumpkin spice)
  • 1/2 cup


  • Preparation Time
    25 min
  • Cooking Time
    5 min
  • Total Time
    30 min

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  1. I mixed everything with a spoon.
  2. Then 1 teaspoon baking soda and 1 teaspoon apple cider vinegar on top of the baking soda. This will create the oxygenation reaction and make the dough light and soft. Let it react and mix again. Let it rest for 5 minutes.
  3. Place in a small frying pan greased with coconut oil. Cover.
  4. On the stove, I put one grid on top of the other and on low heat (so it's further away and doesn't burn). You can also bake it in the oven. I did it in the frying pan because I wanted it to be really moist on the inside and with a crust on the outside.
  5. Maple syrup on top to finish and spices (pumpkin spice) sprinkled on top.


I highly recommend this recipe if you're looking for a healthy, quick, and easy meal that's packed with flavor.

Source: Alana Rox

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