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Seasonal Eating

Publishes on
08 January 2024
VFA Blog
The globalisation and mass distribution of fruit and vegetables worldwide allows us to enjoy a large variety of produce at any time of the year. Eating seasonally encourages you to eat fruits and vegetables that are in season within your geographical area.

Eating seasonal fruit and vegetables drastically improves the sustainability of our diets. The growth of produce depends on season specific weather and when out of season, produce will either have to be grown in managed conditions or transported from the other side of the world. Both of these practices create a large carbon footprint. Local produce can be grown in natural conditions and is easily transported to the point of sale, all of which is reflected in its significantly lower carbon footprint.

Eating seasonally comes with an abundance of benefits, the taste is always better as is the nutritional value. Eating seasonally encourages a varied diet, as the produce is grown within its natural timeframe it thrives without harmful addictive's. This unmodified seasonal produce will provide you with vitamins and minerals you otherwise won't obtain.

The best way to encourage this practise is make and keep a list of seasonal fruits and veggies.
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