Thanks to advances in food packaging and transportation technology, it is now possible to find tofu in most countries all over the world. From vegan-friendly dishes to traditional Asian recipes, this plant-based protein source is quickly becoming a staple ingredient in kitchens everywhere! So why wait? Let's explore the different types of tofu available and discover how we can use them to create delicious meals for any occasion!

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You are what you eat

12 January 2023
For optimal health and energy levels, it is important to maintain a balanced diet. One of the best diets for doing so is a vegan lifestyle which excludes all animal products and instead relies on plant sources such as beans, legumes, nuts and seeds for nourishment. A vegan diet has many benefits for physical health including reduced cholesterol levels, fewer saturated fats, more antioxidants and improved memory performance. Additionally, vegans tend to have less stress overall due to avoiding high fat meats associated with higher cortisol levels in the brain. Thus if you're looking to boost your health & energy levels then consider switching up your diet by going Vegan!

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The International Vegetarian Union’s Vegan Nutrition Guide for Adults

In 2 versions:

Vegetarian Nutrition Booklet A Dietary Approach to Vegetarianism for Kids and Adolescents

The intention of this booklet is present to kids and adolescents a healthy vegan diet

Vegan Nutrition