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IVU Translations

Thank-you for considering helping with our translations, please read the information below and then contact us if you need further help.

All the material on the web site originates in English, so we need people to translate from English into all other languages, there is rarely any need the other way round.

All our webmaster/translators are volunteers - we do not have funds to pay translators, your help as a volunteer would be much appreciated by ourselves and by all those would then be enabled to access these pages in their own language.

Where to start?

Our primary need is for 'webmasters' (or webmistresses!) in each language. These are the current webmasters: To be a webmaster for your language you will need to be able to translate from English into your language, and have a reasonable ability to work in HTML. We do not necessarily need professional translators or computer scientists, we all help each other as much as we can.

If your language is listed above and you can help with translations please contact the appropriate webmaster - your assistance would be welcomed.

If your language is not listed and you are interested in becoming a webmaster please contact John Davis -

We also have a mailing list - ivu-trans - which is open to all translator/webmasters for support.

Thank-you for your interest, we look forward to lots more translations from all over the world.