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How to display pages in Thai

First you need the appropriate font.

In some versions of Windows95/98 you might be able to go to Control panel / Add-Remove Programs / Windows Setup and install the 'Multilingual Support' option. If you have that, and it can display Thai, then you won't need the rest of this page....

MS Internet Explorer 5 now offers the same language support and should automatically prompt you to download, or install from your CD, when you try to access a page in another character set - provided that page has the character set defined.

If you don't have either of those options then these are True Type Fonts which will work with Windows:

Download and unzip the file, into a new sub-directory is always advisable.
Then install the font in the normal way depending on your version of windows.

To use the fonts in Netscape 4:

This could vary slightly in different versions of Netscape but should be basically similar - and there should be similar procedures for other browsers.

1. Go to Edit / preferences / fonts - on the right side of the screen choose 'user defined' in the top drop down list, then the Thai fonts that you have just installed, in the proportinal and fixed font lists.

2. Click on OK and you should be back in Netscape.

3. Go to View / encoding - and select 'user defined' near the bottom of the drop down list.

You should now be able to view pages, and the link below, in Thai characters. See:

If anyone has any suggestions for improving the above description contact me on - John