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15th - 1957
Delhi / Bombay
/ Madras / Calcutta

19th - 1967
Delhi / Bombay
/ Madras

24th - 1977
Delhi / Bombay / Calcutta / Madras

30th - 1993

37th - 2006

Go for life!

- pay any subscription for ten years in advance and we will make you a 'Corporate Patron' with lifetime promotion on this website.

You avoid any future increases in subscription rates, and after ten years your business continues to be a supporter for free, for as long as your business continues. What a bargain!!!

Subscriptions rates for India are set at 25% of the standard IVU rate.

All rates below are Annual (except for Patrons) but you are welcome to pay for two or more years in advance.

For the purpose of membership of IVU, vegetarianism includes veganism and is defined as the practice of not eating meat, poultry or fish or their by-products, with or without the use of dairy products or eggs.

Full Membership Rs. 250/- is open to any non-profit organisation whose primary purpose is to promote vegetarianism and is governed exclusively by vegetarians. The membership subscription is determined by the number of members in your society.
Benefits: Vote in IVU affairs. Grants may be available. Publicity and links on the IVU website. Join the ivu-life email group.

Associate Membership Rs. 250/- is open to any non-profit organisation which advocates vegetarianism.
Benefits: Grants may be possible in some circumstances. Publicity and links on the IVU website.
Join the ivu-life email group.

A Supporter of IVU may be any individual, family or organisation that supports the aims and objectives of IVU, regardless of whether they are vegetarian or not.

Individual Supporter Rs. 250/-
Benefits: Publicity and links on the IVU website. Join the ivu-life email group.

Business Supporter Rs. 500/-
Benefits: More prominent link in the IVU database, and at the top of the results list. Monthly listing in the web version of IVU Online News.
Join the ivu-life email group.
(please note that banner ads are only available to businesses paying the full rate, as in developed countries, of 40 British pounds per year - see the separate form)

Patron (life supporter) Rs. 2,500/-
Benefits: as above.

All the above figures are minimum subscriptions - please consider adding a dontation to IVU if possible.

If you are in India, to become a Member or Supporter of IVU by cheque or bank transfer:

Complete and Post This Form - enclosing the subscription by cheque, or send by bank transfer

If your society is a Member, Supporter or Internet Partner of IVU, please display the logo on your main web page and use it as a link to: - mentioning, in your own language, that you are members, supporters. or partners. Here are some Variations on the IVU Logo - choose one to suit your page

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Some people of Indian origin who have served on the IVU Council:

Jayantilal N.

Jashu Shah

Surendra Mehta

H. Jay Dinshah

Saurabh Dalal

Dr. M. M.


Hiren Kara

Rukmini Devi

Shankar Narayan

Dilip Barman