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From the minutes of the Business Meeting at the World Vegetarian Congress, England:
SCIENCE COUNCIL: A proposal was made and accepted that the Science Council of the International Vegetarian Union should be formed to gather scientific information from all available sources, be abstracted by a group of qualified scientists and collated by Dr Ralph Bircher and Dr Franck Wokes, both of whom would keep identical files and suggest suitable matter for publication. Each congress would be given a resume of the most significant developments effecting vegetarianism. It was agreed that the over-riding control should be in the hands of the IVU Committee.



Pre-Congress publicity for the 1969 World Vegetarian Congress specifically mentioned SCIVU meetings scheduled during the Congress. Unfortunately no we have no reports from that Congress

SCIVU appears to have continued actively during the 1970s but no further reports are currently available.

From the programme of the World Vegetarian Congress, England:
HON.SEC.SCIVU: Dipl.Ing: Julius Fleischlanderl
from the Congress programme:
27th Aug.
14.30 Scientific Council of I.V.U. - A.G.M. (open to all).
16.30 S.C.I.V.U. (continued discussions)


From the minutes of the Business Meeting at the WVC:
Professor Marcel Hebbelink's report was read by Mr Francisco Martin.
- this recommended that attempts to revive SCIVU should cease in favour of using the internet for communications between vegetarian/vegan scientists. The ivu-sci discussion list was started later in 1999.

Further details will be added here as they become available.