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Digitised copies of complete original books, out of copyright
mostly courtesy of Google and Microsoft.

Listed by chronological order of the main subject
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  1. The Art of Living Long (PDF 12mb) - the treatise by the celebrated Venetian centenarian, Luigi Cornaro (1465-1566), with essays, 1903 edition
  2. Discourses on the sober life (Discorsi della vita sobria) (PDF 8.3mb) Being the personal narrative of Luigi Cornaro (1467-1566), 1916 edition?

  3. Acetaria: A Discourse of Sallets (plain text 255k) by John Evelyn (1620-1706) First pub. 1699, this edition New York, 1937. From the foreword: 'Evelyn ... is probably the first advocate in England of a meatless diet.'

  4. An Essay of Health and Long Life (PDF 11mb) By George Cheyne, M.D. F.R.S., (1671-1743) pub.1724. " Benefit of a low Diet, living altogether on 'vegetable Food and pure Element.' "
  5. A Treatise on Health and Long Life ...: To which is Added to this Edition, (not in Any Former One) the Life of the Author (PDF 7 mb) By George Cheyne, 10th edition, London 1787

  6. The Code of Health and Longevity Or a Concise View of the Principles Calculated for the Preservation of Health and the Attainment of Long Life. Vol III: (PDF 18mb) by John Sinclair, pub 1806.

  7. The Surgical Works Vol.2 (PDF 15mb) by John Abernethy, pub, London 1811. 'Of Tumours' p.93: '...the power of the regimen recommend by Dr. Lambe should be fairly tried.'
  8. Water and Vegetable Diet in Consumption, Scrofula, Cancer, Asthma, and Other Chronic Diseases (PDF 10mb) by Dr. William Lambe, First Pub. London 1815 as 'Additional reports on the effects of a peculiar regimen in the cases of cancer, scrofula, consumption, asthma and other chronic diseases.' This edition 1850 New York with intro by Joel Shew M.D.

  9. A Defence of the Graham System of Living: Or, Remarks on Diet and Regimen. Dedicated to the Rising Generation (PDF 10mb), by Sylvester Graham New York, 1835
  10. Lectures on the Science of Human Life (PDF 33mb) by Sylvester Graham, pub. by William Horsell (see below) London 1854

  11. The Young Mother: Or, Management of Children in Regard to Health (PDF 7mb), by William Andrus Alcott, Boston, 1836 - this edition 1838
  12. Vegetable Diet: As Sanctioned by Medical Men, and by Experience in All Ages (PDF 7.6mb) by William Andrus Alcott, 1838
  13. Lectures on Life and Health, Or, The Laws and Means of Physical Culture (PDF 16mb) by William A. Alcott, Boston, 1853
  14. The Laws of Health (PDF 26mb), by William Andrus Alcott, Boston, 1859

  15. Lectures to ladies on anatomy and physiology (PDF 7mb) by Mary Gove Nichols, Boston, 1842 - many references to the vegetable diet.

  16. Physiology, animal and mental (PDF 35mb) by Orson S. Fowler, New York, 1847, 5th edition 1851 (half of Fowler & Wells, NY, which published many of the veg-related books on this page).

  17. Fruits and farinacea the proper food of man (PDF 9mb) by John Smith, London 1845

  18. Hydropathy for the People (PDF 9mb) by William Horsell, written in England in 1845, with notes by Russell Trall M.D. for this New York, 1850 edition. Horsell hosted the founding meeting of The Vegetarian Society at his Hydropathic Hospital, Ramsgate, in 1847, and became the first Secretary.
  19. The Hydropathic Encyclopedia Vol.2 (PDF 18mb) by Russell Trall, New York, 1851 Trall was a founder member of the American Vegetarian Society in 1850.
  20. Hydrotherapy or The Water-Cure (PDF 17mb) by Joel Shew, New York 1851. Shew was a Vice-president of the American Vegetarian Society.

  21. Philosophy of Health: Natural Principles of Health and Cure (PDF 7mb) by Larkin Baker Coles M.D. Boston, first pub. 1848 - 26th revised edition 1851 (claims 28,000 sold) p.51 The Quality of Foods (promotes vegetable diet)

  22. Health: Its Friends and Foes (PDF 8mb) by Reuben D. Mussey M.D., LL.D, Boston, 1862. p.169: Chapter VIII - Man by nature a vegetable eater - vegetarianism

  23. Essays on Diet (plain text 352k) by Prof. Francis William Newman (1805-1897) written 1868-76. Pub.1883. President of The Vegetarian Society, 1873-84

  24. The perfect way in diet: A Treatise Advocating a Return to the Natural and Ancient Food of Our Race (plain text 331k) by Anna Kingsford (1846-1888), 1881
  25. Tuberculosis, or Flesh eating a cause of consumption (link to - Josiah Oldfield, London, 1897

  26. The stomach: its disorders and how to cure them (PDF 15mb) by J. H. Kellogg, Battle Creek, 1896
  27. The Itinerary of a Breakfast (PDF 7mb) by J. H. Kellogg, Battle Creek, pub.1920
  28. Health habits (PDF 29mb) by M. V. O'Shea and J. H. Kellogg, c1915, pub.1921

  29. Vitality, Fasting and Nutrition (PDF 49mb) by Hereward Carrington, New York 1908
  30. Therapeutic Dietetics; or, The Science of health foods and their medicinal values (PDF 3mb) by Norton F. W. Hazeldine, Calif., c1908
  31. Unfired foods and hygienic dietetics for prophylactic (preventative) feeding and therapeutic (remedial) feeding (PDF 13mb) by George J. Drews, Chicago, c1909

  32. A Scientific Investigation into Vegetarianism (PDF 9mb) by Jules Lefèvre, Paris, trans. Fred Rothwell, c.1920

  33. A guide to health (PDF 6mb) - Mohandas K. Gandhi, 1921

  34. How to Eat to Live Vol. 2 (PDF 537k) by Elijah Muhammad, 1967. Chap.19: To eat meat is against our life and shortens the span of our life. We eat meat because it is a habit from childhood.
  35. Vegetarian Diets (link to Google books) By Emily R. Cena 2008 (7 page booklet)