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IVU Vegfest Berlin Report Sep 2019
IVU Vegfests come and go and the 2019 edition has just come to the end. Every IVU Vegfest is
different and every one is good - with peculiarities unique to the local, the hosting country
and hosting group.
The 47th IVU Vegfest fit pretty much the moto chosen by ProVeg, our main host: IVU World
Vegfest Goes Vegan Summer Festival Berlin. This was very much the case, as it was more a
visit than an integral participation as is often the case. Still, IVU had some participation in
every aspect of the event: some talks in the main tent, an artistic presentation and our IVU
Network Tent - which worked well as a space to meet, talk and share experiences. IVU’s high
point at this Vegfest was the IVU Leaders and Simpatizers Meeting, held at the ProVeg office..

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