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December Soup
from Trey - MS, USA

It is better if you cook it in a slow cooker, cook it on no.2 in the pot for about 7 hours

  • tomato juice
  • dried corn
  • dried black eyed peas
  • string beans
  • carrots
  • about a teasoon of pepper
  • (it depends on how much you are cooking)
  • And about a dash of garlic, if liked
  • a little salt
Put a little water in your cooker.then wait about 3 min. then put your tomato sauce in.

Let it get hot then put your dried corn in.
The rest you put it all in the same time.

You want to wait about 10 min. then add your seasoning in.

I'm 13 years old and a really good cook.
If you mess up try it again you will get it.
It is the best soup I have ever made.
well have fun.take care