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Yummy Coconut/Nut/Date Rolls
From: Savannah Skye - Staten Island, NY, USA

These make a really sweet all natural treat that almost all can enjoy... excepting those with nut allergies... but you can always skip the nut adding... though they are better with the nuts...

  • Huge amount of pitted fresh dates
  • Huge amount of roasted/non-salted mixed soft nuts
  • Huge amount of shredded coconut

at most health food stores, you can buy all these ingredients in bulk, which I do... better for the environment...

Tools needed: - Huge bowl - Potato masher

To make them:

1 - In large bowl mash dates with potato masher (make sure to check each date to make sure even the pitted ones are without pit)

If they seem too dry add just enough hot water to moisten them

2 - Crush mixed soft nuts and mix into the mashed dates

3 - Roll the date/nut mix into balls

4 - Fun part - spread out shredded coconut on table and roll the date/nut balls around until sufficiently covered with coconut

hence the name Yummy Coconut/Nut/Date Rolls...

5 - The best part - sharing them and eating them...

Closing comments: enjoy one and all... for Mother Nature's bounty is always full of good stuff...