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From: Bernie Rex - Karumba, Queensland, Australia

Bernie Rex 4 no cooking time

  • Tahini
  • Sea Salt
  • Clove Garlic
  • Avocado
  • Water
Place 1/4 jar Tahini into another jar add sea salt.
Take Garlic clove and slice it into slithers keeping it joined, microwave for 10 secs, remove from microwave place on chopping board and slice into tiny pieces add to jar.
Take Avocado cut in half remove stone and skin mash up flesh with a fork until creamy add to jar.
Place lid ontop of jar tightly hold hand over lid and shake vigourously.
May need to add extra water depending wether you use as a sauce or a dip.
As a sauce on pasta very filling. or as a dip for raw vegies.

Quick and easy meal. Pasta with TAHCADO. Can add squeeze of lemon if desired.