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Lazy Baked Beans
from: Wendy - Ontario, Canada

This is great when you want baked beans and don't have the time.
Serves two large portions

  • One 14oz can vegetarian brown beans in tomato sauce.
  • Two Tblsp dried onion bits (must be these to get the right flavour)
  • Two Tblsp barbecue sauce (your favourite brand)
  • 1/4 cup molasses
Mix all ingrediants together in a microwave safe dish.
Let stand for ten minutes so the onion bits soften up.
Pop into the microwave for ten to fifteen minutes on high.
Stir after five minutes.

Voila home baked beans without all the fuss.
Serve up hot or cold yum.

This is virtually fat free as well.

Serve as a side dish or I like to eat them with toast and occasionally add some cut up vege wieners.