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2 More Sandwiches

Standard Hiking in Mountains Sandwich:

  • wheat pita bread, sliced open
  • stuffing:
  • hummus
  • bean sprouts
  • yellow bell peppers, sliced longways
  • cucumbers, sliced coinways
  • roma tomatoes, quartered
  • romaine
Standard Camping Hoagie:
  • fat wheat hoagie, sometimes sourdough
  • stuffing:
  • basic tomatoes, sliced coinways
  • long slice mozzarella
  • long slice swiss
  • eggplant, sliced longways, salted, sauteed in flavored olive oil
  • red peppers, roasted, sliced longways
  • light butter OR marinara
  • zucchini, sliced coinways
These are the easiest I-Can-Put-This-Together-In-5-Minutes-Flat sandwiches I do all the time.