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Vegetarian Spaghetti Sauce
from Samantha Letvin - Michigan, U.S.

Go ahead and play around with this. This is just the basics of a good spaghetti sauce. (By the way, anyone can make this sauce. I'm a 16 year old, and all of my family and friends love this sauce.)

  • 2 20 oz. cans of diced tomatos (hunts is what I use)
  • 1 can of tomato paste (contandina is good)
  • 1 onion
  • 2-3 cloves of garlic
  • some extra virgin olive oil
  • various spices (like Italian Seasonings, crushed basil leaves, oregano, you get the idea)
In a medium-to-big pot, cover the bottom of the pot with some olive oil. Chop up the onion finely and put it in the pot. Then crush the garlic cloves and put that in the pot as well. Turn on the heat to simmer, and if you don't have that, low. You'll want the onion to look almost transparent. Open up the can of tomato paste and put it into a big bowl. Then open up the cans of tomatos. Drain the juice into the bowl with the tomato paste. Then, using either a food chopper or a food processer, make the tomatoes very fine. For a more texturized taste, leave some of the tomatos diced. Put it in the bowl with the juice and paste. Mix it up a little bit and then add it to the pot. Add your spices here. It should take about 20-30 minutes to cook. Prep time is about the same.

Enjoy! By the way, this makes a LOT of sauce. You can jar this if you want. Let me know how you like it!