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Spaghetti alla Sorrentina (Vegan Version)
from: Paola Segurini - Montevarchi/Tuscany/Italy

Serves 4

  • Extra-virgin olive oil (or just olive oil) 1/2 cup
  • Ripe tomatoes 1 pound
  • Spaghetti 1 pound
  • Fresh basil leaves 12
  • salt/pepper to taste
Wash and peel tomatoes (plunge them in boiling water for 2 minutes, take out and peel), eliminate seeds and cut in small stripes.
Put tomatoes in a bowl, dress with oil, salt, pepper and finely cut basil.
Stir well and cover.
Let it season for at least 2 hours.
Cook spaghetti (penne or other shapes could do as well), drain and add to tomatoes.
Stir well and serve quickly.

A variation of this recipe:
season with oregano instead of basil, add a clove of garlic (don't cut it, just peel it!) and some sliced black olives to tomatoes, then follow the same procedure.