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Vegan Ranch Dip/Dressing
From: Adele Faiks-Olsgard

You can buy the Hidden Valley Ranch original buttermilk mix, which is vegan (strangely enough).
I tried to make Ranch dip with it for the first time tonight, and it turned out pretty good. I might continue to fool with the recipe, but here is what I did tonight:

  • 1 package Mori Nu silken tofu
  • 1 packet Hidden Valley Ranch buttermilk mix
  • 1/2 cup vegenaise
  • 3 tablespoons lemon juice
  • garlic powder to taste (I didn't measure, but I think it was 1/4 to 1/2 teaspoon)
  • salt to taste
Process it all in a food processor.

This turned out pretty good and tasted a lot like the old dressing I remember from my pre-vegan days.
I think the mayo had a lot to do with it.
Be sure to get a vegan mayo that tastes really good (I think vegenaise is the best I've ever had).

To make dressing, you could probably just do soy milk, vegan mayo, and maybe a little lemon juice to get the bite of buttermilk.
I haven't tried that yet, though.