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Sweet Potato Tasties
From: Sharon & Doug McKnight

This takes a bit of work and a food dehydrator, but it's worth it to watch kids enjoy something that is good for them
(and you will earn big points with their parents!)
This was my daughter's first 'candy'....

Wash fresh yams, and microwave until done but too not mushy.
(Poke some holes in it with a fork before microwaving so it won't explode in there!)

Let the yams cool, then peal and cut into about 1/2" slices
(or cut into 8 to 10 wedges, or even smaller if you want to end up with bite-size pieces).
Marinate or just dip the pieces into orange juice CONCENTRATE, then dry in a food dehydrator.

Dry the pieces until they are firm and dry to the touch.
They don't have to be like shoe leather.
And that's it!
My kid ASKS for this when I haven't made it for a while!

Unless eaten right away, I do store this in the frig.
But it can easily be packed in a non-refrigerated lunch without problem.

As I think about it, I suppose one could used canned yams for this, but I've never tried it.

And then there are TOFU TASTIES.
These are made the same way.
I cut tofu about 1"x1"x1/2" (for raisin-sized pieces).
The flavor of the juice marinate is up to you.
Cherry or grape are fun.

My daughter likes the TOFU TASTIES because she grew up with it,
but the SWEET POTATO TASTIES are a little more attractive and have wider appeal with the general public.