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Cornbread recipe
From: D B Graphics

This is the recipe I use the most...

  • One Cup of corn meal
  • One Cup of flour
  • One Cup of Rice milk or soy milk (I like the rice milk)
  • One TBS of baking powder
  • Salt to taste
(you can add onions and Jalipino peppers for spice)

(add water to the consistancy you prefer
(less water makes a "rougher" bread)

Mix all and place into an oiled and floured pan or baking dish

Pre heat oven to 350 deg.
(you may have to up that to 375 or 400 - it will depend on your oven)

Bake for 30 min at 350 (375-400) deg.

Note: I am not sure what the deal is with ovens...
I use an old gas oven and I guess it is just hotter than the dial marks as I often have to bring the temp. down to prevent burning
- you may have to adjust temp. to your oven.

Check in 30 min - stick a knife or fork in it - clean and dry and its done