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From: Chapulin Colorado

I have two ways of making chilaquiles:

When I have the time, I get some dried red chiles (pasilla or whatever) boil them in some water with about 5 garlic cloves, half an onion, serrano or yellow chiles, pepper and salt, for about 10 minutes or until soft.

Then I blend it all, and strain.
Put this sauce aside.
Heat up a pan, then add a good amount of oil, and add torn or cut tortilla strips to fry.
I can't exactly remember how many I put in, it's all to the "eye".

After you toss and turn and they are nice and golden, put them in a container and set aside.
In the same pan fry some onions and maybe some more chiles.

Then put in a block of crumbled tofu and cook for a bit.
Add cumin, oregano, pepper, salt and other spices to improve the bland tofu flavor.

When the water is almost boiled out add the the blended chile sauce, cook for a bit and add the tortillas at the last minute (so they don't get soggy).
Serve and enjoy.

The lazy way is to not make the chile sauce and just add a can of tomato sauce to the tofu and onions frying in the pan, then add the tortillas.
It's not authentic but it's still quite good. It's all in the spices.

From a veggie mexican-ORALE!