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Vegetarian Chi*ken Nuggets
from: Peter - Cape Coral, FL, USA


  • Wheatex TM (wheat gluten) 29.18
  • Methocellulose 2.35
  • Midsol FP 6000 1.41
  • Water 61.18
  • Midsol 50 (starch) 0.94
  • Salt 0.94
  • Chicken type flavor 3.76
  • Phosphate 0.24
1. Mix dry Wheatex TM and water on low speed for 5 minutes,

2. After first mix, continue mixing on medium speed for an additional 5 minutes,

3. Mix dry ingredients throughly until uniform,

4. Slowly add dry ingredients on low speed,

5. After addition of remaining dry ingredients, mix on medium speed for an additional 2.5 minutes,

6. Form into patties or nuggets using a patty machine/form,

7. Batter and bread,

8. Pan fry for 1 minute at 375 deg F / 190 deg C and bake until internal temperature reaches 170 deg F / 76 deg C,

9. Cool or freeze for at least 20 minutes and reheat to serve (important step).

Closing comments: Wheatex TM is new meat replacer or meat extender.
Please contact us for more information on Wheatex and more vegetarian recipes (vegetarian Chicken Salad, Veg. Italian Sausage, Protein Bars,...)