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Sindhi Curry
From: dropadi, UAE

Gram flour+vegetables, Number served six

  • Gram flour--5tbs
  • Six fingers (okra)
  • potato one, one drum stick
  • 50gms yam
  • indian beans-guvar ten pieces
  • dry mango
  • teasp ferugreen seeds
  • 1/8 teasp pinch of yelloy powder haldi
  • full red chillies
  • two curry leaves
  • red chilli powder+salt to taste

Knead 2tbs gram flour with salt,aesophita, red chillie powder and 1/4teaspoon oil.

Knead with water and make small long sticks and keep a side.

Now in the rest flour add three glasses of water mix and keep aside.

Heat in a degchi one tbs of oil and put ferugeen seeds, cumin seeds, aeophita, red chillies full and 10 curry leaves when they turn pink out water with gram flour.

Let it boil well tha put haldi, dry mano, yam and gram flour sticks, boil for 5mins

add beans againn after 3mins add potatoes and last lady fingers.

add salt red chillie powder and one teasp of sugar.

If no mango is available than use lemon in the end.

Eaten with boiled rice.

You can use other vegges if any of this is not available.