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Bittergourd Pachadi
From: SindhuSuresh - Dubai ,UAE

Really debt to my dear and loving mother. Recipe is for four people. Cooking time 6 minutes.

bitter Gourd ("pavakka") -------- 1 number
Green Chilly (pacahmulaka) ----- 4 number
Small onion (chumanan ulli) ------ 2 number
karivepila (vepila) ---------------- 1 number
fianly garted coconut ------------ 1/4 number
mustard -------------------------- 1 tbsp
cumin seeds (jeerakam) ---------- 1tsp
curd ----------------------------- 1 cup
salt for taste
1 tbsp of sugar

chop the bitter gourd (mincely) and mix it with salt and sugar (sugar is used for reducing the bitterness) and keep aside for 1/2 an hr.

For the gravy grind coconut along with curd ,small onion ,green chilly)"instead of water use curd for grinidng.when it is finely grinded add mustard seeds and gind it.Squeeze out excess water and fry it in oil until it turns brown.

Pour this roasted one in a vesssel along with the gravy and heat for 1minute in low flame.stir it and at the end add the remaining curd.Put curry leaves, now your delicious dish is ready for serving

don't over boil .