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Beans Thoran

Source: Blessey Titus; Serves: 3 people; Rating: Quick and easy.

  • beans 1/4 kg.diced to small pieces
  • onions 1 cut to small pieces
  • chillies 2
  • ginger a small piece
  • garlic for taste
  • curry leaves
  • coconut grated 3 teasps.
  • tumeric pinch
  • mustard seeds
  • oil
Add oil to the pan and then add mustard to it. When mustard cracks add a small portion of the onions and add curry leaves. Saute and after onions start to change color add chopped beans, onions, chillies, coconut. Then add cocunut and tumeric and a little qty. of water to cook the beans.

Cook until beans are done and then fry for some more time Hot beans thoran is ready.