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Nellikka (Gooseberry) Dry Achhar
From: Ramachandran Menon, Patparganj, East Delhi . India

This is a tasty item which can be used during meals with curd.

  • Half Kg green raw Nellikka (Gooseberries).
  • One table spoon white Uzhunnu Parippu.(white gram)
  • One table spoon Pachhari (rice)
  • half teaspoon Uluva (Methi)
  • Five red chillies.
  • Oil to fry Nellikka - Five table spoon
  • Salt (powder) two teaspoon or more according to individual taste level.

Cut Nellikka(goose berries) to smmall even pieces and remove the seed and keep it seperately in a cup.

Fry items Uzhunnu Parippu, Pachari, Uluva and red chillies together slight brown and make it to powder in the mix
and keep in a small cup.

Heat oil (Coconut/refined oil) in a kadhai and fry the Nellikka pieces till light brown and seperate it in a big bowl and springle the salt on it.
After one minuite add the powdered masala and mix it very well adding two teaspoons of the already fried oil.

This can be used after five minuites .

A good simple dry achhar for meals to make tastier.