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Munthiri koothu
from: Gita, Madurai, India

Preparation Time : 1 hour
Cooking Time : 20-30 min
Serves / Makes : 4 persons

  • Moong Dhal- 1/2 kg
  • Jaggery- 1kg
  • Coconut powder-2 cups (fried brown)
  • Ellaici- 10-15
  • Rice flour-1cup
  • Kesar colour-1 pinch
  • Oil for frying

1. Fry the dhal to golden brown.Set aside to cool
2.Make syrup with the jaggery
3.Powder the dhal and ellaici in the mixer grinder
4.Mix this with the coconut powder
5. Slowly add the cooled jaggery syrup and mix the flour simultaneously pouring the syrup
6.When the mix comes to the consistency of making balls stop adding syrup
7.Make small balls quickly before it hardens
8.For 1/2 kg you may get around 50 balls

Batter for frying
1.Mix the rice flour, Kesar colour adding water bring it to the consistency of dosa mix

Munthiri koothu
This means balls of grapes in bunch

1. Heat the oil for frying
2.Take 4-5 dhal balls dip in the rice batter and throw them clinging together into the oil.
3.When it turns golden brown take out from the oil and cool it.
4. Fry all the remaining balls like this

The jaggery syrup can be added accordingly no need to add all the syrup made of 1kg of jaggery

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