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Spinach Rice 2
From Suma Moteb - Bangalore, India

Cooking time 15 min

  • Spinach -2 lb
  • rice-2 cups
  • onion-1
  • coconut shredded -1/2 cup
  • green chillies-6
  • ginger-1 inch
  • curry leaves
  • mustard
  • oil

1.Cook rice seperately and keep it.
2.In a vessel cook spinach with little water still it softens.
3.Grind coconut,spinach cooked,ginger and greenchillies in a food processor.
4.In a frying pan oil,mustard and onion long cut.
5. when the onion softens add the grinded paste,salt and cook for 15min in low heat.
6.Now mix the rice with the above gravy in pan.
7.Spinach rice is ready for serving with raita.