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South Indian Coconut Rice
From: P.S.Sriram

1) Making of seasoning powder: First take about 10-15 red chillies, a teaspoon of Thania (Celantro) seeds, Channa dal ( I am sorry that all names are Indian, you can probably get these in any Indian Grocery store) and fry them in a pan with very little oil. Add some Asfotedia for aroma. Put about 2 table spoons of channa dal.( I forgot the quantity earlier). Then grind them coarsely on a blender, remember the channa dal should not be in whole pieces.) Keep this aside for garnishing.

2) Take a freshly broken coconut and grate them up for about 2 cups.

3) Cook white rice in a cooker, add less water than actually written in the instructions. Cook about 4 cups of it, add 6 cups of water to it. I prefer Adolphus brand Long Grain white rice.

4) In a frying pan put about 2 tablespoons of vegetable oil and heat it. Put some mustard seeds and let it burst, then add a little turmeric powder. To this add 1 teaspoon of Channa Dal and Urad Dal and fry till golden yellow. Add some finely split red chillies and green chillies as required. Then add in the grated coconut and stir for about 10 secs. Then add the rice to this mixture away from the fire and mix thoroughly. Add salt to taste. Add 2 teaspoons of seasoning mixture to the rice and stir. If you could lay your hands on some coconut oil add a teaspoonful for aroma. Garnish with some freshly cut Celantro leaves and some bay leaves.

5) This is ready to be served with chips or pickle as side dish. Or you can make come chatni by grinding finely some coconut with green chillies and celantro with water for consistency. Add salt to taste.

PS: Add 1 teaspoon of chilli powder when frying the items if you could not make the seasoning powder.

Reduce the number of chillies used if you want it to be less hot. Reduce the amount of oil initially while frying if you want it less fattening.