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Gothambu Dosai
From: seema sriram, bangalore, India

it is a traditional quick recipes
8 nos, 15-20mts

  • wheatflour (whole wheat flour from which the bran has been removed) -1cup
  • rice flour- 2tbsp
  • semolina- 2tbsp
  • water -2 cups
  • salt -as to taste
  • cilandro (wansoy)-one small sprig chopped fine
  • green chilli-1nos chopped fine
  • oil-4tbsp
  • mustard seeds 1tsp
  • asafoeitida-one pinch

mix the wheat flour, rice flour, semolina and salt ina mixing bowl.
add water little by little so that no lumps are formed, the batter should be thin ie in a pouring state.
add chopped cilandro and greeen chillis.

heat 2tsp oil in a small pan , splutter the mustard seeds,
remove from heat and add asafoietida. this turns it aromatic
then add this to the batter prepared already.

heat a flat frying pan pour 1 laddle full of the mixture n spead in circles, till it makes an even and thin layer
dribble oil on the sides.cook till golden brown on one side.turn it over slowlyn coo the other side too till done.fold n remove from pan.serve hot.

serve with hot sambar or coconut chutney
additon of 2 tbsp of gram flour enhances the taste.
even grated coconut or caroots can be added .