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Tamater Ki Chutney
From: 'Rajni' from Jamshedpur, India

Makes : 1kg

  • tomato 1kg
  • onion 100gm
  • garlic 10gm
  • adrak 30gm
  • sugar 100-200gm
  • salt 30-50gm
  • garam masala 50gm
  • red chilli 50gm

1.cut tomato in 4 pieces
2.paste adrak ,garlic ,onion
3.add pate cook
4when tomatoes are cooked and soft sieve it
5.addsugar ,thicken it
6.add masalas
7.add sodium benzoit one pinch
8.bottel it

boiling bottel and hot chutney should be botteled to preserve it