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Side Dishes
from Deanne - Alaska, USA

This is not a recipe, but when I make mashed potatoes, I just mash them with a little bit of the potato water.
Sometimes I add some garlic when they're cooking and mash it up with the potatoes.

We love butternut squash.
My mother always peeled it, cubed it, and boiled it until soft, then mashed it.
That's a lot of work. I prefer to bake it.
I cut the squash in half and scoop out the seeds.
Then I place it in a glass lasagna pan or some other pan that I can cover (or use foil). I put an inch or so of water in the bottom of the pan.
I shake cinnamon on the squash, then bake until it's soft.
For a large squash, this can take an hour or so, for a tiny squash, it can be done in less time.
You can also fill the cavities with stuffing.
The stuffing comes out very moist and yummy this way.

When the squash is done, I scoop out the stuffing, if I used it, then scoop out the squash and mash slightly, if necessary.
This is the easiest way to cook squash, and it works for acorn squash, or almost any winter squash.