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Sauerkraut 2
From: Peter Hjelmqvist

- it's my grandfather's recipe from Estonia

  • 5kg White Cabbage (you should use cabbage from late fall/winter)
  • ~2 Carrots
  • Caraway
  • 80g Salt
  • 10g Sugar
Salt and Sugar should be measured accurately and mixed.

The white cabbage is cut in thin slices.
First cut it into wedges and then remove the rootstock and slice it very thin.

Use a stainless steel bucket, a large glass pot or a glazed, leadfree pot you also need a cloth mesh or thin cotton cloth, a weight for example a can filled with water or a carefully cleaned rock (boil it).

Start with a layer of cabbage, about 2 cm thick.
Sprinkle some of the salt/sugar and press with the bottom of a bottle so that the cabbage waters.
Sprinkle some Caraway and put some thin slices of carrot and a new layer of cabbage.
Keep doing until all the cabbage is pressed and covered in it's own water.

Cover the cabbage withe the mesh and poke it down along the edges (use a clean tool, ex. spoonhandle) so that no of the cabbage can come to the surface.
Put a clean plate on top, be careful not to get any air in between the cabbage and the plate!!
Put the weight on the plate so that the plate and the cabbage is complet4ely covered by the liquid.

Cover the container with a clean towel and let it stand in roomtemperature until it starts the ferment, about three days.
After that put it somewhere cool like the bottom of the fridge.

When you start to take from the sauerkraut you should swop towel or at least remember what side was downwards and put it the same way.
The inner walls of the bucket are wiped with paper without getting possible coating into the liquid.

Wash weight, plate and cloth with hot water no detergent.
Remove the sauerkraut with some tool pack it smoth and cover it with cloth, plate and weight and cover it with a towel.
When you move the bucket avoid quick movements to avoid air contact!!
If there is mould on the surface, remove it without letting it down into the liquid.

If you make a lot it's perfectly fine to freeze it and use it later (this is half of my grandfathers recipe and usually how much my mum does too).

Good luck.
We allways eat our sauerkraut raw but I know that among others the Germans boil their sauerkraut but i reckon this is much nicer.