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5 German Seitan Recipes
from Felix Weber - Bavaria, Germany

"Speckknoedel" mit Sauerkraut
("Bacon" dumplings with sauerkraut)

A very bavarian recipe.

Cut seitan in little pieces and fry it.
Season it well (pepper, salt, a mixture of piquant herbs etc.).
Peel potatoes from the day before, and mash them.
Add 1/2 - 1 tsp herbal salt and 1-3 heaped Tbsp soy flour.
The dough shouldn't be too dry.
If it's too dry the dumplings fall apart.
If it's too wet, the dumplings get too mushy.
Form dumplings out of the dough and fill some seitan pieces into each.
Now cook the dumplings in boiling salt water for about 20-25 minutes.
Bring the sauerkraut to the boil, add some salt, some diced and fried smoked tofu and some brown sugar.
Ready !

"Sauerbraten" with Brown Sauce

A typical German Sunday dish

Marinate the seitan overnight in a sauce of vinegar (diluted with water), salt, pepper, onion rings and bayleaves.
For the sauce melt 20 g margarine and brown chopped onions in it.
Sprinkle about 20 g flour on it and also let it brown.
Add 1/4 l soy milk and 1/4 l vegetable stock, some herbal salt and pepper to it.
Let it simmer for 5-10 minutes.
Goes with dumplings and kraut, or noodles and salad.


Cut seitan in cubes and fry them in oil till dark and crusty.
Add chopped onions and pepper cut in little pieces.
Season it well.
Sprinkle flour on it and let it go dark.
Add a bit of water to it and let it thicken.
Do this again till the sauce gets the right consistency.
You can add mushrooms as well.
That's very yummy! Goes with noodles or rice.

Seitan Pieces in Creme Sauce

Chop an onion and brown it in oil.
Cut seitan into bite-sized pieces add to the onions and fry till brown.
In the meantime mix 2-3 Tbsp of the seitan stock (which is left in the seitan jar you've bought) with 2 Tbsp flour and stir it in the seitan-onion mixture.
Season it well and bring it to the boil.
You can change the consistency by adding 2-6 Tbsp soy milk.
Garnish with chopped parsley.
Goes with potatoes and salad.

Pizza Pancakes with Seitan Pieces

Make a dough out of flour, water and some soy flour.
The dough shouldn't be too thick.
Season with herbal salt and pepper.
Cut the seitan in little pieces, dice some smoked tofu and fry both in a pan.
Give the dough into a pan with hot oil and cover it with tomato slices and the seitan/tofu cubes.
Press the topping slightly into the dough.
Fry it on both sides.
When almost ready sprinkle the side with the topping with some grated "SCHEESE" (the vegan cheese from Bute Island Foods or any other soy cheese) put the lid on the pan and let the "SCHEESE" lightly melt.

These recipes have been published by friends of mine, the Vegan Versand a German vegan mailorder organization.