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Thai Peanut Sauce-Rice-Tofu-Veggies
From: debra


  • 1 C peanut butter
  • soy or tamari sauce (to taste)
  • rice syrup (to taste)
  • fresh squeezed garlic (depends on your garlic desire)
  • 2 C soy milk
Heat and keep mixing...Will thicken and add more of any liquid to thin to your taste.
Then I made a few cups of rice
Then I steamed a bunch of swiss chard
I also had some already seasoned tofu...Trader Joe's Herbed Tofu

Place cooked rice on plate...
Put tofu and veggies on top of rice
Pour peanut sauce over everything.
It was quite good!

P.S. - Hubby is carnivore and the rice and peanut sauce was enough for him and he absolutely LOVED the peanut sauce...asked for seconds.