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Rice Cream (Congee)
From: Perry Comeau, Victoria, BC, Canada


  • Long Grain Brown Rice
  • Fresh Water
  • Soy Sauce or vegan Honey-style sweetener

Heat up your Wok till its hot. DO NOT PUT OIL IN THE WOK.

Pour long grain brown rice in your wok, and swirl it around so it does not burn, about a minute, till you smell a pleasant toasted scent, some of them may pop.

Be careful not to burn your golden brown rice.

Now, pour the golden brown toasted rice into a blender, and turn to high. This will pulverize the rice. Do this till all the toasted rice is a powder.

Pour the powder back into your wok, and heat it up while you slowly pour fresh water, stirring gently until it has the consistancy of a cream or pablum, according to your desire.

This is also known as "congee" in Old Victoria China Towne.

You can use Rice Cream as a base for soups and stews to give it a full rich body and flavour for your palette. Congee is very good in the morning with a bit of honey, and will warm your soul for the day. It is also good at night with a bit of soy sauce, drink it from your bowl, and contemplate your day. My cat likes congee.