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Apple Sesame
From: Perry Comeau, Victoria, BC, Canada


  • Toasted Sesame Seeds
  • Apples
  • Lemon or Lime (optional)

You can by toasted sesame seeds in your local oriental grocery store, especially Korean. Or you can buy them raw and toast them in a flat fry pan or wok.

Do not add any oils to the pan. Heat the pan to hot and throw the seeds in and toss them around, about 30 seconds.

Be careful not to burn your sesame seeds, they do not take long to go into a toasted state from raw, as you whisk them briskly around your wok.

Meanwhile, cut up your apple into wedges. Sprinkling them with lemon or lime juice keeps them from turning bruisy brown, and adds to the flavour.

Roll your apple wedge in your toasted seeds and pop them in your mouth. MMMMMM!!!!

This is an excellent recipe for you silly ex-meat eaters trying to catch up to us more highly advanced veggies, while you crave a greasy gross meat burger.