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Fruit with Ginger
from Betty Siegel - Massachusetts, USA

  • 1 x 1lb. can of Dole Tropical fruit salad
    or 4 oranges or 2 grapefruit, peeled and made into slices or segments
  • 1/4 C candied ginger
Cut the ginger into thin slivers with scissors and put in with the fruit.
Add a little sugar (to taste) if using grapefruit.
Let set overnight or all day.
We really like this.
It seems to work best with citrus or Dole Tropical Fruit salad.
We both like ginger very much.
Use more or less ginger, to taste.

It has to be the kind of ginger that is called candied or crystalized.
It's cooked with sugar (and a tiny bit of water) to preserve it.
If you don't want to use white sugar, use another sweetner and grated or thinly sliced fresh ginger,
cook them together until the ginger changes appearance, like candied fruit.
Not as good but sometimes we just have to accept compromises.
This keeps 3 or 4 days in the refrigerator.
Don't freeze.