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Chocolate Mousse Pie
From: Lisa T. Bennett

Yep - this is the one (well...I use different proportions depending on whether I want a "pudding" [more like a mousse] or a pie, but anyway ...)!
This is the dessert that always make omnis quit feeling sorry for me and make them a little envious of my diet!
When I tell them how easy it is, they always want the recipe.

It also doesn't have that "funny" taste that Emily was complaining of in the raw cocoa pudding.
I have the same reaction.
I think that cocoa really does need to be cooked to be palatable AND it doesn't cover up the "beany" taste of the raw tofu like the (admitedly higher in fat) choc chips do.

When I really want to impress lots of folks I do the following:

Crush 1 package of Hydrox cookies and mix the crumbs (reserve some for garnish) with about 1/2 stick melted margarine (vegan).
Press the mix into the bottom and part way up the sides of a large 12" springform pan.
Set into freezer while you make the filling.
(If you don't chill crust it will crumble later.)

Blend (in batches) 5 10.5oz packages of Mori-Nu* tofu til smooth.
Melt 1 12 oz package of non-dairy choc chips over hot water in double boiler (classic no-fail method) or in the microwave very carefully on low power stirring every couple of minutes (brash modern method...the chocolate can scorch very easily if you set the power too high or don't stir often enough.
Scorched chocolate tastes and smells awful!!).
Mix melted chocolate with blended tofu either in batched in the blender or with a spoon in a large bowl.
Add a tablespoon or so of Kahlua coffee liqueur if you like, or some vanilla extract, or some creme de menthe if you want a choc-mint pie.

Pour filling into crust and let sit in fridge 3 or 4 hours.
Garnish with some reserved cookie crumbs and/or an edible flower.
A big purple pansy and a couple of mint leaves look fabulous against the chocolate.

Cook's notes:
*I have tried other "fresh" silken tofus and they all tasted beany.
Too short a chilling time will result in a runny pie.
I haven't made this with the 12.3 oz MoriNu packages, but the filling is pretty forgiving, so probably 4 of those would do, even if the math isn't exact.

If you have a smaller pan or a small number of guests, just subtract a package or two or the tofu and some of the chips.
I have never added sweetner to this, but you might want to add some maple syrup or raw sugar while blending. I like my chocolate dark and I've never heard any complaints about it not being sweet enough.
Mostly I hear pleased-sounding comments that "it's not too sweet".
Use a blender, not a food processor.
The blender makes the tofu much creamier.
The food processor invariably leaves the texture a little grainy or lumpy.