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Sesame Blancmange (black)
from: dcwang

Could be diabetic and vegan. This is not a white blancmange, but a black blancmange. Unusual?? Found this on a Japanese website, Mianbao helped with the translating. Thanks! I added a pinch more black sesame powder. If you cannot by black sesame powder at your grocery store,or Asian grocery store, in a blender or food processor, blend/process the black sesame seeds. Try with white sesame seeds, too, to have a real white blancmange. Very healthy, too. This is not made with heavy cream (which is loaded with saturated fat), and according to Chinese herbal medicine, black sesame keeps your hair black.

SERVES 1 , 1 cup

  • 1 tablespoon black sesame powder
  • 200 ml soymilk
  • 2 tablespoons cornstarch
  • 2 tablespoons sugar or artificial sweetener

If sesame powder is not available, blend/process sesame in food processor or blender just before oil appears.

In a pot, combine the soymilk, sugar and sesame powder. Stir a little to combine.

Over medium heat, stir the mixture with a wooden spoon. Be careful so that the mixture will not burn or stick.

Change to lower heat after about 2-3 minutes. STir carefully with wooden spoon.

When the mixture changes, the sesame is well-bleneded, turn the heat to the lowest until the mixture thickens.

Pour into molds/cups.

The author quotes in Japanese "Don't feel to rushed, but if you spend to much time, it will quickly solidfy and become really funny looking. It will turn to stone, so work quickly."