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Garlic Tong choi
From: Dawei Fan, Ireland

It is a very common dish in China.

  • 300-400 g Tong Choi/Kong xin cai (water spinach). You can buy in Chinese store.Cut them into 10cm approx
  • 3-5 Gloves of Garlic.Well chopped.
  • Cooking oil.3/tbs
  • Salt.

1 heat the wok with oil in it.
2 put tong choi when it is very hot
3 When tong choi get a little bit softer, put garlic in and stir them well.
4 Put salt in and stir it well ,cook for another 30sec.

Make sure don't not over cook it.It should be soft. You really need to try it while you cook, so you know it when it is ready for eating.