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Dabo Kolo (Little Fried Snacks)


They will look like flat peanuts, and are served as a snack or with cocktails; and like peanuts, once you start eating them you can't stop.

In a 1-quart bowl: Mix:

  • ½ t SALT
  • 2 T SUGAR
  • ¼ cup OIL.

Knead together and add WATER, spoonful by spoonful, to form stiff dough. Knead dough for 5 minutes longer. Tear off a piece the size of a golf ball. Roll it out with palms of hands on a lightly floured board into a long strip 1/2 inch thick. Snip into 1/2-inch pieces with scissors.

Spread about a handful of the pieces on an ungreased 9-inch frying pan (or enough to cover bottom of pan). Cook over heat until uniformly light brown on all sides, stirring up once in a while as you go along.

Continue until all are light brown.