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Quotations and Poetry - Experimentation 2
from '1,000 Doctors (and more) against vivisection' by Hans Reusch

I hope that our nation will cleanse itself of this meanest of all crimes. (vivisection).
Dr. John H. Clarke, London, from a discourse delivered at the Church Congress in Folkstone on Oct. 6, 1892

Vivisection and sex murder stand on one and the same level, they are the product of spiritual blindness and moral depravity... The alleged objective of working for the good of mankind is a lie. I know that most vivisectors are seeking more to satisfy their vanity than their scientific curiosity. Each of them hopes somehow to make some discovery which, even if it is worthless, is nevertheless a discovery with which one can boast before everyone and throw sand into the eyes of the stupid.
Dr. med. Franz Hartmann, Hallein, from a letter to Dr.Ludwig Fliegel, dated April 22, 1895

The fight against vivisection is a matter of what is right and of moral evolution, an ethical requirement, and as such a question for the whole people.
Dr. med Max Bachem, Frankfurt am Main, November 1907

The learned lawyers of earlier centuries also considered torture to be absolutely necessary for obtaining evidence!
Med. Dr. Ottokar Hanel, general practitioner, Neu-Bydzow (Bohemia) October 4, 1909

Doctors who speak out in favour of vivisection do not deserve any recognition in society, all the more so since their brutality is apparent not only during such experiments, but also in their practical medical lives. They are mostly men who stop at nothing in order to satisfy their ruthless and unfeeling lust for honours and gain.
Dr. med. Hugo Knecht, Ear, Nose, Throat and Chest Specialist, Linz, October 5, 1909

There can be nothing more pressingly necessary than for the barbarity of vivisection to be fought precisely from the scientific angle. Vivisection is not only the most cruel and loathsome, but also the worst way of conducting research, a shameful discredit to science, the surest path to the brutalization of doctors and of the whole of society... Every doctor who casts a stone at vivisection is performing a service to science, civilisation, religion and mankind.
Dr. Eduard Reich, a well-known public health specialist, repling to an invitation to attend a congress against vivisection in Amsterdam. (Der Tier-und Menschenfreund, 1924, issue 2)

In order to practice their 'gentle art of healing', the doctors require millions of animals for torture, on whose suffering their 'science' is based.
Dr. med. Steintl: 'International Medical Policy' 1938, Berlin

...Facts incontrovertible in the [animal] laboratory are applied to clinical medicine in a manner quite unwarranted. The best examples are the indiscriminate use of hormones and the ready acceptance of the biased blurbs of [animal] research propagated by commercial travellers.
Dr. Ffrangcon Roberts, British Medical Journal, June 16, 1945, p. 848

I cannot over-emphasize the fallacies inherent in the efforts to apply directly to man the results of animal experiments in the field of hormones!
>From the testimony of Don Carlos Hines, M.D., before the Delaney Committee of the House of Representatives, Jan. 31, 1952

There are still people who feel that the rat will guide us to the perfect diet, me, I think it merely guides us to the garbage heap.
Dr. Franklin Bicknell, The English Complaint, Jan, 1956

Vivisection appeals to the basest instincts of fear and cowardice and is rooted in the unjust principle that 'might makes right' and that 'the end justifies the means', thus permitting any cruelty on the tyrant's plea of necessity. Before the bar of human justice, vivisection stands condemned on three main counts: cruelty to animals, uselessness to Man, and obstruction on the path of true knowledge.
Dr. M. Beddow Baily, M.D., IRCP, Member, Royal College of Surgeons, in his book "More Spotlights on Vivisection" London, 1958

There really exists no logical basis for translating the results of animal experiments to man.
Dr. L. Goldberg, Karolinska Institute, Stockholm. Quantitative Method in Human Pharmacology and Therapeutics, Pergamon Press, London, 1959

It is not possible to apply to the human species experimental information derived from inducing cancer in animals.
Dr. Kenneth Starr, of the New South Wales Cancer Council, reported in the Sydney Morning Herald, April 7, 1960

Only 25 years ago, among every 100,000 children born in the Federal Republic [of West Germany] there were 3 cases of malformation. Today, 5 children are malformed for only 1,000 births. Within a quarter of a century, therefore, the malformations have increased more than a hundredfold.
Kurt Bluechel, Die Weissen Magier (The White Magicians), Bertelsmann Verlag, 1974, (page 259)

The average [West] German citizen today consumes about five times as many medicines as in the years immediately preceding the Second World War. Is he also five times healthier? Of course not. On average the West German population is far more frequently ill today than it was in those days... Unexpectedly, an industry which was created to heal diseases has become the starting point for new ailments.
Kurt Bluechel, Die Weissen Magier (The White Magicians), Bertelsmann Verlag, 1974, (page 257)

At the time when millions are starving in the world, and our economy is in great trouble, Congress is allocating billions of dollars annually in grants for "basic", no-goal research on living animals. Careers in torture are as financially rewarding as they are morally bankrupt. Reports in the medical journals recorded by the experimenters themselves are indisputable indictments of their gross inhumanity.
Barbara Schultz, a member of the Attorney General Louis Lefkowitz's advisory committee on the treatment of animals in New York State, writing in Newsday, July 12, 1974

The sums that are being spent (on cancer research) are enormous: $600 million in the present financial year - and the fear of getting the disease universal.... One million Americans have it. Recently Dr. James Watson, who is listened to because he helped to discover the molecular structure of life's genetic material, derided the national cancer program as a fraud. Dr. Watson said that the government's newly created cancer research centers around the country are institutions that are 'starting out lousy and will stay lousy'.
Extract from an article by the NEA-London Economist News Service, titled "Is Cancer Research Worth Cost?" on the editorial page of The Galveston Daily News, March 26, 1975

Practically speaking, all animal experiments are untenable on a scientific basis, for they possess no statistical validity or reliability whatsoever. They merely perform an alibi function for pharmaceutical companies, who hope to protect themselves thereby (from legal liability).
From Tierversuch and Tierexperimentator (Vivisection and Vivisector) by Herbert Stiller, M.D. and Margot Stiller, M. D., Hanover, 1976

Various species of animals react differently to the same drug. Not only do the variations in the metabolism of a drug make it difficult to extrapolate results of animal experiments to man but they create a serious obstacle to the development of new therapeutic drugs.
Dr. Barnard B. Brodie in Clinical Pharmacology & Therapeutics, 1976

Medicine-induced illness has become a public health menace of major and alarming proportions, producing more deaths annually than are caused by breast cancer and ranking among the top ten causes of hospital admissions.
Medicine in Society, Vol. 7, 1981

Practocol was prescribed over 4 years before doctors realised that it caused corneal damage including blindness - a side effect not predicted by animal experiments.
C.T. Dollery in Risk-Benefit Analysis in Drug Research, Ed. J.f. Cavalla, 1981, MTP

It is the outrageous lie of the supporters of vivisection, a lie serious in its consequences, that animal experiments take place for the good of mankind. The opposite is the case: animal experiments only have an alibi function for the purpose of obtaining money, power and titles. Not one single animal experiment has ever succeeded in prolonging or improving, let alone saving, the life of even one single person.
From a paper published by Dr. med. Heide Evers, D-7800 Freiburg, 1982

Experts often assert that it is senseless to compare a tumour which has been artificially provoked in an animal with a tumour that has spontaneously developed in a human being.
Dr. Peter Schmidsberger, Medical Correspondent of the German weekly Bunte, No. 21, 1982.

Over a 25-year period, the United States National Cancer Institute screened 40,000 species of plants for anti-tumour activity and, as a result, several proved sufficiently safe and effective on the basis of animal tests to be included in human trials. Unfortunately all of these were either ineffective in treating human cancer or too toxic to consider for general use. Thus, in 25 years of this extensive programme, not a single anti-tumour agent safe and effective enough for use by patients has yet emerged.
N.R. Farnsworth and J.M. Pezzuto, paper presented at the University of Panama workshop sponsored by the International Foundation for Science, 1982.

A drug that is tested on animals will have completely different effects in man. There are uncounted examples that could be cited.
Dr. med. Karlheinz Blank, West Germany, in Der Tierschutz, Nr. 62, 1985, Journal of the Arbeitsgemeinschaft Deutscher Tierschutz

Experts say 98 million Americans who took polio shots in the 1950's and 1960's may get a deadly brain cancer from the inoculations. Researchers at the University of Chicago medical center say that a virus contaminated the polio vaccine and they have now found genetic material from the virus in a number of brain cancer victims...
Article in Weekly World News (U.S.A.) May 28, 1985

It is incomprehensible how parties with vested interests repeatedly assert the necessity and purposefulness of animal experiments, paying no regard to the views of many who think otherwise, and at the same time conceal the fact that the defence used against claims for damages resulting from side effects caused by extensively used animal-tested medicaments and chemical substances is precisely that the animal-test results could not be applied to the human organism.
Dr. med. Werner Hartinger, Specialist in General and Accident Surgery, in a lecture entitled "Vivisection - False Path of Medicine?", on October 4, 1985, at the Kunsthaus in Zurich.

The facts continue multiplying that refute the barbaric practice of animal experimentation in the name of human health and longevity. Yet the efforts by the medical establishment to justify this practice continues unabated.... The medical establishment threatens us with dire consequences if animal experimentation is stopped. This is a shame, a weapon being used to ensure continued funding to the tune of $6 billion a year by the National Institutes of Health and Mental Health to the nation's universities.
From an article by Murray J. Cohen, M.D., in the Chicago Tribune, April 8, 1986.

Immunization programs against flu, measles, mumps, polio, etc., actually may be seeding humans with animal RNA to form pro-viruses... which under proper conditions become activated and cause a variety of diseases including rheumatoid arthritis, multiple sclerosis, lupus erythematosus, Parkinson's disease and cancer. Spare me this 'medical miracle'.
Dr. Robert Simpson of Rutgers University, quoted in an article by reporter Barbara Bouyet in Fur 'n Feathers, March 1987

Truth is usually simple. Yet the AIDS virus theory has entered a realm of scientific obfuscation. OUR ADDICTION TO ANIMAL RESEARCH provides us with faulty information about AIDS and drugs intended for humans, who differ physiologically from other species.
Laurence E. Badgley, M.D., July 1988, in his Foreword to AIDS, Inc., by John Rappoport, Human Energy Press, San Bruno, CA.

Results from animal tests are not transferable between species, and therefore cannot guarantee product safety for humans...In reality these tests do not provide protection for consumers from unsafe products, but rather they are used to protect corporations from legal liability.
Herbert Gundersheimer, M.D., member, PCRM (Physicians Committee for Responsible Medicine), Baltimore, Maryland, 1988

...Moreover, the tests deceive the very consumers whom they are supposed to protect, by certifying as safe household products and cosmetics that cause nearly 200,000 (U.S.) hospital-recorded poisonous exposures annually.
Paula Kislak, D.V.M., Sherman Oaks, California, PCRM. - Declaration, 1988.

Atrocious medical experiments are being made on children, mostly physically and mentally handicapped ones, and on aborted fetuses, given or sold to the laboratories and raised to maturity for experimental purposes. This is a logical development of the practice of vivisection. It is our urgent task to accelerate its inevitable downfall.
Prof. Pietro Croce, M.D., pathologist, Italy, Vice-President of The International League of Doctors Against Vivisection (ILDAV), 3rd Symposium, 1988


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