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Famous Vegetarians - H.Jay Dinshah (1933-2000)

H.Jay Dinshah Quotes:

Man must get his thoughts, words and actions out of this vast moral jungle. We are not predators. We are, hopefully, more than instinctive killers and selfish brutes. Why take such a dim view of our potentialities and capabilities? - Out of the Jungle, 1967

Man cannot pretend to he higher in ethics, spirituality, advancement, or civilization than other creatures, and at the same time live by lower standards than the vulture or hyena.
The Pillars of Ahimsa indisputably represent the clearest, surest path out of the jungle, and toward the attainment of that highly desirable goal. - Out of the Jungle, 1967

To anyone who believes that life itself has some purpose - or is even its own reason for being - one should not wantonly destroy even plants. The destruction of any life is thus an act not to be taken lightly, or presumed to be isolated in the scheme of things. It is to be preceded by careful consideration of the responsibilities and the possible alternatives involved, and accompanied by an understanding that one is indeed doing the right thing according to his present state of existence . . . The ethical vegetarian is seriously interested in lessening the suffering that he may be causing in the world - even inadvertently inflicted upon relatively low forms of life. - Ahimsa, August 1971

The American Vegan Society, founded by Indian-born Jay Dinshah, follows similar views [as Natural Hygenists] but enhamces them with Jainist attitudes of ahimsa and the elimination of all animal products and clothing apparel. Freya, Dinshah's wife, helps to run the active organization that includes a retreat called Suncrest and a magazine, Ahimsa. - Janet Barkas in 'The Vegetable Passion', 1975

Mankind cannot, I submit, save itself from destruction through mere cleverness of scientific technology selfishly applied, nor through wishful thinking. But through a deep sense of brotherhood of all life, and a willingness and eagerness on the part of each and every person to work constructively for the preservation and enhancement of life, mankind may yet be preserved and go forward into the next millennium with confidence, competence and compassion. - The Vegetarian Way, XXIV World Vegetarian Congress, 1977


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